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The Academy 4 Coaching trains professionals in the alternative, holistic and natural health, nutrition and wellness professions to become lawfully credentialed and practice legally in your state, province, district and country. See our list of professions for more information.

Academy 4 Coaching is accredited by the American Accreditation Commission. All of our courses carry continuing education units accepted by most legitimate certification boards certifying professionals in the alternative, holistic, integrative, and natural health, nutrition, therapies and wellness professions.

Our Acclaimed Award-Winning Correspondence Courses

1. Professional Practices
helps you practice effectively and efficiently - Fee $150.00

2. Professional Ethics
helps you practice ethically, legally and morally correctly - Fee $150.00

3. Creating Effective and Legal Informed Consent Forms
keeps you legal - Fee $150.00

Enroll In All Three Courses Now !
$195.00 For a Limited Time

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