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How to Practice Legally without a License

As far as we know, most alternative, holistic and natural health, nutrition and wellness practitioners have always practiced medicine. As far as we can tell, there has never been a time in history when they did not practice medicine. Logically, there's no reason why they should not be able to practice medicine as our predecessors have always done.

As you will learn, logic has nothing to do with the practice of medicine in most of the developed and developing world today. The practice of medicine is controlled by the pharmaceutical companies who dictate what will be taught in medical schools, what drugs prescribing physicians must legally prescribe for each particular diagnosis, and what natural therapies products and techniques must be eliminated.

To learn more about this see "Three Trends in Medicine Today."

To make things easier to understand we're going to define Non-Allopaths as any and all alternative, holistic and natural health, wellness and nutrition practitioners.

How Non-Allopaths Can Practice Legally

First of all, we have to change our thinking unless we are licensed in a healthcare field. We change from thinking about medical problems, concerns, issues, diseases, disorders and conditions to thinking about:

  • Helping clients reduce their stress
  • Helping clients manage their pain
  • Helping clients detoxify themselves
  • Helping clients enhance the quality of their lives
  • Helping clients improve their peak performance
  • Helping clients learn to take responsibility for their own health

Secondly, we have to change the way we say things. We can learn to speak about the stress caused by a medical condition rather than the medical condition. Rather than speak about the medical condition, disease, disorder or dysfunction, we can speak about:

  • Managing the stress this causes
  • Managing the pain this causes
  • Managing the toxicity this causes
  • Enhancing their quality of life
  • Enhancing their peak performance
  • Coaching them to take responsibility for their own health

We can also help clients make a closer connection with their own Higher Self or the Divine. We can do this as a spiritual coach, spiritual healer or spiritual health coach. See FSHLB for more information.

Thirdly, we need to change the way we speak with our clients. Most of us were taught to counsel, advise, suggest, recommend, caution, warn and hint that our clients do something. If we do this, we are guilty of counseling without a license. But if we educate our clients about the things they can do to help themselves, that's perfectly legal.

We can also learn to coach our clients. This is a process of empowering our clients to make their own decisions about their life and especially their health.

Protect Yourself - Become Licensed and/or Certified

Based on the current antagonistic environment toward natural therapies the consensus of attorneys and negotiators who defend non-allopaths charged with practicing without a license recommend being certified in their chosen profession.  

See the List of Recommended Certification Boards for more information.


The paradigm shift from practicing medicine, psychology, massage therapy or counseling without a license to legally practicing is actually easier than one might think. Several organizations teach professional practices and ethics as well as coaching skills according to this new paradigm. Forming your own study group and using materials available over the Internet also works.

For some basic skills that will serve you well, we recommend you take some time and read through the introductory materials available at Free Coach Toolsand the articles on this Academy 4 Coaching Web.

We would be remiss if we did not ask you to consider becoming certified by an independent, accredited certification board; licensed as a spiritual healer and join a professional organization for professional insurance and other benefits.

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