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Creating Your Informed Consent Form

Creating your own informed consent form is one of the most important things you will do as a healthcare professional. Nothing will protect you more than a well-written informed consent form.

REMEMBER, if your client says you did something wrong, both the judicial system and license boards tend to believe your client...

UNLESS you have an informed consent form in your possession -- signed by your client!

Our "Creating Your Own Informed Consent Form" correspondence course is accredited by the boards listed in by NTCRS. Completion of this course is awarded a total of 20 CEU by these boards.

This course will teach you how to explain what you do in short, easy-to-read sentences that are easily understood and legally valid. You will also learn what to emphasize and what to avoid saying in your forms.

You will learn how to use this powerful form to protect yourself and empower your clients at the same time.

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