Academy 4 Coaching

Training Professionals to Practice Legally


Outstanding Coach Education Organizations

That Are Fully Accredited


You will get a better education for about half the normal cost by selecting an accredited school recommended by Academy 4 Coaching:


These schools are accredited by the Education Section of the American Accreditation Commission. Most certification and religious license boards accept courses and CEU from these approved providers:

Aromatherapy Coach

Bioenergetics Coach

Biofeedback Coach

Bioresonance Coach

Bowenology Institute

Healer Coach

Homeopath Coach

Hydrotherapy Coach

Hypnotism Coach

Integrity Biofeedback Coach Academy

Natural Therapies Coach

Naturopath Coach

Nutrition Coach Academy

Personal Health Coaches

Personal Nutrition Coaches

Quantum Health Coach

Raindrop Coach

Reflexology Coach

Soul Vibrations Coach

Sound Coach Network

Spiritual Healer Professional Learning Institute

Stress Management Coach

Touch of Healing Coach

Wisdom by Nature Coach

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